Property Design Ideas by Tidying Up the Area Under the Stairs – The solution to building a house with quite a lot of space requirements on limited land is to build a building of two floors or more. Connecting the first floor to the second floor or so requires a ladder.

Apart from facilitating the activities of residents from the first floor to the second floor or vice versa, the stairs also leave empty space underneath. Some people leave it empty, but there are also those who use it for certain things.

Not only that, to make it look prettier, a mini bar is made so that the kitchen is not visible directly from the living room. Apparently, this attracted the attention of neighbors right and left. “In the end, they also made an open kitchen and were given a mini bar,” said Nanda.

Not only an open kitchen and mini bar, there are also homeowners who use the area under the stairs as a place for prayer. With a little arrangement and the addition of a number of features, it becomes a neat place of worship.

Property Design Ideas

Property Design Ideas

Here are six ways to find beautiful and attractive property design ideas:

1. Position and Function

Don’t let the use of the space under the stairs interfere with the circulation of the activity in the surrounding space. For example, the location of the stairs is between two bedrooms, this area should be used as a space that can support the activities of the two rooms. Like a storage room for clothes, bed sheets, pillowcases, it can also function as a dressing room, bathroom or dressing room.

2. Room Size

The area of space under the stairs needs to be considered with the function to be applied. Do not let it be disproportionate to its activities so as to cause discomfort to its users.

3. Stair Design

Consider the design of the stairs that have been built, so that if the area under the stairs is used for something, don’t let the aesthetic elements not be in harmony. Must match and support each other.

5. Space Requirements

Due to the lack of natural lighting and ventilation, you can work around this by installing artificial lights and ventilation (placement of fans, exhaust etc.). The space under the stairs is usually damp, so choose a material that is resistant to these conditions.

6. Maintenance

If the space under the stairs functions as a warehouse with a closed design, so that the goods inside are not damaged can be handled by designing the space under the stairs.

Namely use a ventilated door, transparent or placement of an open shelf. The consequence of this design is that goods must be neatly arranged and their condition monitored.

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