The Best Business Ideas in Modern Times – Prices of goods and basic necessities are increasing, relying on a monthly salary is always not enough. Want to do business, confused about what business to do? It seems that there are many who do business. What business ideas are good for modern times like today?

Have your Sky Scape colleagues ever thought like that? Want to do business, but don’t have a cool business idea. If you’ve ever thought about it, now you don’t need to bother anymore.

The Best Business Ideas in Modern Times

The Best Business Ideas in Modern Times

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best business ideas that Sky Scape colleagues can apply to earn additional income or maybe make it your main income. Come on, let’s look at the following explanation:

1. Business: Healthy Fast Food

Busy work really takes up a lot of people’s time. To the extent that they do not have time to provide food. Junk food or fast food is often the first choice when someone is hungry, but doesn’t have a long time to eat.

So, they have to find good food that can be ready in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, fast food that is circulating in various places, does not have a clear vitamin content, and can even have a negative impact on our health.

So, Sky Scape colleagues can take advantage of this opportunity by creating a business that is very different from existing fast food restaurants. This business idea will be very useful for people who have little time, but still want to eat healthy food.

The answer is to make healthy fast food, so that this food is very good for many people to consume. For example, making delicious salads, fresh juices or smoothies, and other healthy foods that are perfect for everyone’s consumption.

Later, the food will be sold to several offices in the Jakarta area. There are many people who want to diet but don’t know where to buy healthy food.

2. Business: Creating a Yoga Studio

The popularity of yoga is increasing day by day. What’s more, today’s lifestyle changes are getting longer, increasingly unhealthy.

We really need exercise that can get rid of toxins in the body, as well as relax the body so that it can remain productive in carrying out daily activities.

A survey was conducted in the United States and found that already 36 million Americans follow yoga to get the life balance they want.

In Indonesia, yoga has also penetrated career women, housewives, and even teenagers. This is why opening a yoga studio can be a great business idea to practice in these modern times.

3. Business: Building Small Homestays Abroad

If your fellow readers’ savings are enough to buy land or build a house abroad, which is often a destination for tourists such as Singapore, Malaysia, or maybe countries in Europe such as the Netherlands, England, Italy and so on. Why not try to build a small but comfortable homestay business?

This homestay can later be rented by students or tourists who have a low budget. This is another business idea from building boarding houses or rented houses in Indonesia. If fellow readers think that there are too many who have made this business, maybe you can switch to this business idea.

What if the capital is still insufficient? It doesn’t matter, the business idea of building boarding houses or rented houses is still very good and a mainstay for implementation in Indonesia, especially in areas close to universities or offices.

4. Business: Creating Health App

However, health remains a very important thing to pay attention to. If fellow readers have expertise in technology, such as making apps that are loved by many people today, then congratulations! Because this is a very valuable skill in this modern age.

We advise fellow readers to create health apps, which besides being able to increase the income of fellow readers, health apps like this can also provide many benefits to many people.

5. Business: Establishing Ethical Business Consulting

Entrepreneurship and ethical management have become a very important focus for young people in today’s modern times. Many of them have switched from being employees in an office to moving professions by establishing their own companies or other work organizations.

This is a good time for fellow readers to build an institution for business consulting that emphasizes ethical management. They would definitely be very grateful if someone built a business like this.

As we know that running a business is never as easy as we imagine. So, this business idea will be very useful for those who just want to set up a business and also for those whose business is already running.

6. Business: Selling Virtual Reality and Its Accessories

Virtual reality (VR) or also known as virtual reality is a very impressive modern technology. With a pair of glasses and computer hardware, we can immerse ourselves in very interesting worlds using only VR.

Even though we are not someone who really understands technology and computers, we can still try this business idea, so there’s no need to worry. We don’t need to be programming geniuses just to create a VR-focused business.

In fact, most VR-related business ideas have nothing to do with the technology itself. Through this business idea, we can sell several accessories related to VC, so we don’t need to go deep into programming knowledge.

7. Business: Renting Websites

Is your fellow reader a web developer? If yes, great! This business idea is perfect for you. Instead of just developing a website, it is better for fellow readers to expand this business by renting websites.

Web developers can create multiple websites at once with varying specifications, then fellow readers can rent out customized versions of each site to local businesses.

This is one of the suitable business ideas to earn passive income and expand your existing web development business.

8. Business: Selling High Quality Pet Food

Most people like to keep pets at home, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and so on. This is why pet owners will be very careful in giving food to their pets.

We can turn this situation into a new business idea, selling high-quality pet food, whether it’s dry food or wet (raw) food. We can open a small shop at home or rent a shop to set up a high quality pet food shop.

9. Business: Educational Technology

Modern times are synonymous with digital developments that make our lives easier.

We highly recommend fellow readers to create an educational technology business, because this can not only add to their main income, but can also help children learn well.

With the help of technology, fellow readers can create student portals with designs such as “whiteboards” consisting of educational games, online discussion platforms, assignment submission forms and so on.

10. Business: Pre-Order Goods from Overseas

Overseas tickets are increasingly offering discounts, so it becomes easier for people to travel abroad. Fellow readers can offer pre-order services for goods and promote them on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Even though this business idea is quite promising, we also need to know the limits, yes, so that the State is also not harmed by our goods pre-order business.


So from the 10 business ideas above, which business ideas will make fellow readers interested? If fellow readers really feel interested, Come on, let’s immediately execute it. Establish a fellow reader business now, and earn extra income! good luck.

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