Types of Youtube Channels That Are Suitable for Promoting Property Business

Skyscapelive.com – Today there are many platforms that can be used to promote your business. On digital media platforms alone, there are many ways that you can use to promote your business, including the property business.

One of the digital platforms that has enormous potential to grow your property business is the Youtube platform. One of the platforms based on video sharing is very popular with the people of Indonesia.

YouTube is still the most popular social media in Indonesia. The number of YouTube users reaches 94% with an age range in the range of 16 to 64 years. With this very large number of users, YouTube is the platform with the most potential audience for your property business.

However, there are still many people who still feel strange about creating content on the YouTube platform. Therefore, before creating Youtube content, you must first determine the goal. Is it to communicate with the audience (engagement)? Increase brand awareness or increase sales?

For example, you want to increase engagement with your audience. You can create more interactive content. For example, Talks with Experts or Meet our Team, product reviews and so on. By setting goals first, it will be easier for you to create and manage your YouTube content.

Promoting Property Business On Youtube

Promoting Property Business On Youtube

So, in this article, Nata Connexindo will share YouTube content recommendations that are perfect for promoting your business. What are the contents? Read more here.

1. Product Review Vlog Content

One type of content that you can create to promote a product is a Vlog. Video blogging or vlog is a blog, where there is content in the form of videos in it and will later be uploaded via the social media channel site Youtube.

People who usually make vlogs are called vloggers. With the flexibility provided by the YouTube platform in terms of video duration, you can provide various education and information about various property products.

For example, you will review a property product, you can show location, facilities, physical buildings, and so on while providing interesting information from your point of view. In creating video content, there are several specific steps that must be carried out.

Starting from the pre-production, production, to post-production stages. Apart from that, there are various kinds of content that can be created, according to the needs of the content creator channel.

2. Podcasts Content

One of the other types of content that you can create on the YouTube platform is Podcasts. Podcasts are audio recordings that can be listened to by the general public via the internet.

In contrast to radio, which must be carried out and broadcast live on a certain frequency. However, podcasts can be implemented at any time and can be listened to through various existing electronic media.

For example, if you want to promote the launch of the latest product, then you can create Podcast content with the marketing manager or related parties to be invited to discuss the various advantages of the product.

In creating Podcast content, you will act more as an interviewer than a resource person, so you can dig up a variety of interesting information about property.

3. Talking Head content

Another type of content that you can create on the YouTube platform to promote property products is talking heads. This type of content is informative content which usually contains only one person talking directly in front of the camera by showing only the head and half of the body. In general, the content presented is an opinion made by the creator himself.

To prepare this type of content, you must prepare as good and informative material as possible on various matters regarding property products accompanied by illustrations.

In running this type of vlog, you need to prepare several important things such as a tripod, camera or smartphone, to prepare supporting lighting. A YouTuber currently uses this type of vlog a lot.

4. How-To content

This type of content is perfect for introducing various superior features of a product, including property products. Just like Vlog Reviews, this content is a type of content that is widely used by reviewers and vloggers because it provides educative and interesting content.

For this type, the presentation videos usually provide tips, tutorials, and ways to use a tool or feature in property products.

The process of taking a video is quite difficult, because you have to pay attention to the camera angle, angle, lighting, script, and props. You can visit the housing unit and start explaining the various features of the house and how to use the features. This will provide educative information to the audience who are interested in the product.

Those are the 4 types of content on the YouTube platform that you can use to promote property products. By providing informative and educational content, property products will get a better spotlight in the eyes of the audience.

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